Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • No installation required – it’s as easy as plug and track.
  • Compatible with any car, or truck manufactured since 1996
  • System provides Real-time GPS tracking every minute when the vehicle is on and every hour when it is off
  • Provides alerts for speeding, idling, unauthorized use, tampering and geofencing
  • No long term contracts. Requires monthly airtime subscription. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Product Description

Linxup is a 3G GPS tracking device for companies, fleets, and personal vehicles.

Use Linxup GPS trackers to quickly identify driver locations, reduce FUEL usage, increase efficiency, review driving history, and monitor driver safety & performance.

The Linxup GPS system makes it easy to take advantage of powerful GPS tracking capabilities.

Linxup GPS tracker simply plugs into the OBD II port of any car or truck manufactured after 1996.

The web-based GPS software lets you track vehicles in real-time and review driving history on an interactive map with vehicle GPS details on direction, speed, stops, and more.

Linxup GPS trackers also have a native mobile app for iOS and Android. Monitor driving activity and the location of your tracking device even when you’re not in the office.

Built-in GPS tools allow you to monitor safe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration; text and email Alerts tell you when a driver speeds, brakes abruptly, accelerates rapidly, tampers with a GPS tracking device, or uses a vehicle outside of authorized hours.

The GPS system creates a driver safety report card that summarizes and rates each driver’s activity and compares it with the other drivers in your fleet.

The GPS system also allows you to track and monitor vehicle maintenance activities over time. Set up geofences (virtual boundaries on the Map) to identify important locations and monitor when your GPS vehicle tracker enters or exits these locations.

Linxup GPS trackers can reduce FUEL usage in your vehicles by as much as 20% per month by monitoring and coaching your drivers to reduce speeds and eliminate unnecessary vehicle idling.

Only operates in the United States.

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Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker
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Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker