Land Air Sea Flashback GPS Logger

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Land Air Sea Flashback GPS Logger
Land Air Sea Flashback GPS Logger

  • Ultra-compact design | 100% Waterproof | Built-in Super Strength Magnet
  • Rechargeable battery | 50 hour motion life with a full-charge | Motionless sleep mod
  • Attaches to vehicle | Fits in small pockets | Discretely hide in backpack, carrying case or purse
  • Map recorded tracking data (with Google Maps) on web-based software or SilverCloud App
  • Passive device: Easy activation | No monthly subscription | No cancellation fees | No contracts | Unlimited Data

Product Description

LandAirSea brand new FLASHBACK passive (NO MONTHLY FEES) GPS vehicle tracker offers a built-in powerful magnet mount and new 50-motion-hour rechargeable li-ion flashback battery within a completely weatherproof encasement. Featuring a best-in-class battery, it allows for 50 cumulative drive-time hours on a single charge and up to 6 months idle battery life (wall charger; USB included). The FLASHBACK captures the complete movement history of a vehicle or asset. This passive GPS tracker has the ability to determine the precise GPS location of a vehicle or asset to within 2.5 meters of the device, and records detailed travel activities every second. The FLASHBACK’s ultra-compact size and powerful magnet also allows for placement virtually anywhere on or inside a vehicle. While keeping the classic look and “no monthly fee” concept in tact, FLASHBACK adds massive performance component upgrades including an 8th generation GPS module, a re-designed motion sensor (enhanced battery life), and added BeiDou & GLONASS satellite signal reception. The new online mapping software opens the door to both Mac & PC users with an innovative approach to importing, analyzing and storing captured data. The user-friendly web interface delivers updated mapping (google earth) and the convenience of 24/7 web accessible data. Simply place the FLASHBACK inside/underneath a vehicle or trailer, inside a backpack pocket or purse, or on a trackable asset and this powerful device will accurately record movement every second (1s) including routes traveled, speeds, stops, stop durations, addresses and mileage. The recorded tracking information can be viewed by retrieving the device and plugging it into a USB port on your computer: as a written activity/text report; displayed over a digital street map; or – the most popular option – displayed over satellite image on Google Earth. Detailed printable driving reports and animated historical playback can also be generated with the included software. The FLASHBACK is the preferred choice for a wide range of tracking applications such as government agencies, law enforcement, fleet management, suspicious spouses and parents of teenage drivers.

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Land Air Sea Flashback GPS Logger