iTrail GPS Data Logger

iTrail GPS Data Logger
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iTrail GPS Data Logger

  • Memory Capacity: 120 Hours of Data
  • Battery Life: 16 Hours
  • Accurate within 3 Meters
  • Works with Windows 7 and up

Product Description

The H6000 iTrail logger is a simple solution for multi-purpose GPS Tracking. You can use it in almost every situation imaginable. Use it for personal DIY or business loss prevention and inventory shrinkage. Keep track of your car’s location or the location of other valuable possessions. Keep an eye on what matters most with this discreet device! Trail GPS Data Logger Provides Tracking at No Additional Cost The Smallest GPS Tracker with More Accuracy than the Rest 120 Hours of Storage Capacity Compiles Miles of Travel History Long Life Rechargeable Battery Provides Easy Power Maintenance Record Start and Stop Locations, Directions, Point to Point Distances, Travel Speed and more GPS Mapping and Trip Analysis Software Included Data Transfers to PC Instantly for Immediate Map Display of Your Driving History Google Earth Compatible Detailed Driving Reports All iTrail Products include KJB’s Commitment to Customer Service and Free Technical Support. At just 1.5 x 1.5 inches, the iTrail GPS Logger is one of the smallest trackers you can purchase. A durable, sleek and water-resistant design allows you to quickly put in your purse, child’s backpack or in your car or anywhere else you might need it. It is designed to blend in and not draw attention to itself. While the itrail logger does not send continuous data about its location the small size makes it easy to retrieve from your tracked subject and review their locations. The iTrail GPS Logger is easy to set up and put to work. Just install the software onto your computer and give it a charge using the included USB cable. You’re ready to start tracking! Simply power on the tracking device and place it in whatever you need to track. When you’ve completed your necessary tracking, just plug the device back into your computer and take a look at the report that shows everywhere the device has been. The iTrail GPS Logger records location, speed, and the current time. Google Maps or Google Earth

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iTrail GPS Data Logger