Garmin vivosmart 3 – Black, L

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Garmin vivosmart 3 - Black, L
Garmin vivosmart 3 – Black, L

  • The thinnest HR-equipped activity tracker from Garmin at 4mm thinner and more form fitting than vívosmart HR. Physical size: Width: 0.7 inches, Length (large): 8.77 inches, Circumference (large): 5.8-8.5 inches
  • While not in use, the discreet display disappears into the device so as not to overshadow your style
  • Measures VO2 Max, which is widely recognized as an excellent mearure
  • Stress monitoring enables users to see periods of elevated stress or restful recovery
  • New strength training activity will count sets, reps, and rest times and will push them to Garmin Connect for review

Product Description

Featuring a sleek design and a hidden display that’s only on when you need it, vívosmart 3 tracks steps, floors climbed, sleep and so much more. It tracks your fitness and wellness with all-day HR and Stress monitoring, VO2 Max and Fitness Age. With Move IQ and a new Strength Training activity which automatically counts your weight training reps, working out will be convenient and effective. The device updates the time and date when you synchronize your device to a computer or mobile device. You should synchronize your device to receive the correct time when you change time zones, and to update for daylight saving time

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Garmin vivosmart 3 – Black, L